June 8, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday/ Winner?

I am doing a Show and Tell Wednesday tomorrow. I have dance so I pre-posted it to be sure it gets up:)

The winner of the Give Away...- well I am planning on posting that today! I took a 4 hour cat nap yesterday and didn't quite get it up, and rather than post it at 10 PM I decided to wait until today. So I am going to post it today. Please check here and on www.agpixplace.net to find out who the winner is:)

Other than that... the brownies (I am making brownies but they are kind of hard to mail so I think I will keep them for myself!!), are in the oven, and my dolls are planning their next big adventure for a Weekends Show it All:)

PLEASE check my About Weekends Show it All Page here to find out the latest update about that. (I am not going to be posting one every weekend... check out the page to find out why:))

Stay Tuned!!

Have a good week,

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