June 16, 2010

Show and Tell Wed. Week 27

Hi, I am sorry for not posting on Twitter, or here much, but I have been busy, and am trying to update and edit my webpage.
This week for S&TW week 36, I am going to show you a photo of my current and NEW header on my webpage. I made this on powerpoint by "inserting picture", and then when I lined the 4 photos up and had it the way I liked it I "grouped" them. I know you can do this on "Paint" but I couldn't figure out how, so I did this on PPT and then "File, Save As"... JPEG. This way I could upload it onto Weebly:) I also used the gridlines to make everything straight and to line them up perfectly. I did save a few versions but here is my final and the one on my webpage.
Have a good day,
PS: for some reason this is really large, and there is a lot of space below it.

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