June 23, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 28!

7 months? WoW:) That time has really really gone by FAsT:) ZoOm:) lol.

I am going to show you an outdoor photo where I "tricked" the scenery. Basically I got down at the doll's level to make it look like the scenery you see in the photo was farther away then it really was. This way it looked the right size it would at the "pretended" distance. When things are farther away they look smaller because of parallax or your perspective to it. But as you get closer they get bigger.

So... this week I am going to show you a photo from when we were on Isle Royale an island in Lake Superior. The dolls are looking at the Queen IV (4) pull into the dock. The boat is really closer than that, but I had to make it look relative to their size so.... I also can't get any "normal sized" full grown tree in the photo either because then it is obvious how much bigger their surroundings are.

Have a good day,

(L-R), Rachel and Loran watching the Queen IV (4), pull into the dock.

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