July 3, 2010

Don't Forget...

Hi. Please don't forget to enter my Give Away. The deadline is July 23rd, 2010. If you would prefer to send me an email with your entry you can do so: agpixplace@gmail.com. Otherwise, just stop by the Give Away page (<-- link), and leave a comment. You will have to hit the number of comments at the top of the post and then scroll down to leave your comment.

I should have the winners up by July 24th or 25th!!

ALSO!!- If you haven't already; please stop by www.americangirlfan.com, and leave Liz a comment. Her site is amazing and I can't believe how fast 2 years have gone by. I first found Liz's webpage in August 2008. I had clicked her webpage by accident, and didn't really think to follow it. Then in November 2008; I found it again and that is when I started following. Liz is such a great "web friend". I'm sure she will value your comment a lot!

Have a good day,

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