July 14, 2010

Show and Tell Week 30

Welcome to S&TW Week 30. If you don't know what S&TW is click here. (<-- link). I am sorry I am posting this so late. I forgot about it until now. So I didn't get a chance to put the http://www.agpixplace.net/ onto the photos. (YES!- http://www.agpixplace.net/ and http://agpixplace.blogspot.com/ are owned by the same person (aka Lily), so the Copyright would be the same).

S&TW Explanation:

In Michigan I perched my dolls onto this buerau/ shelf in the hotel we stayed in since it takes 2 days to get to the part of the UP we stay in. So here is a photo I took. It is so easy to get photos of dolls, and I never realized that until very recently. So lets take a look at the photo.

Rachel (top) , Mia (bottom Left) and Heather (bottom right) in the hotel in MI.

Give Away Reminder:
Time is running out to enter my GiveAway. Please click here (<-- link) to see the page. The deadline is July 23rd, 2010. I will pick the winner July 24th or July 25th and let you know who won the Give Away ASAP.

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