July 24, 2010

New Poll:)

Hi Everyone:)

New Poll:

I posted a new poll. You can help me decide which item I should Give Away next. My next Give Away will start a little before school starts and will run for 6 weeks. I haven't figured out the exact dates yet!!

Weekends Show it All:

I am doing a "Part 1" story for my Weekends Show it All tomorrow. This will be 3 part Weekends Show it All!


I know lots of people have made webpages. I would love to trade links. Please email me your link and also- please put my link: www.agpixplace.net onto your webpage. This way everyone can get more visitors.


Please visit: www.americangirlfan.com (Liz's site) to vote on Liz's next Give Away Prize:)

Have a good day. Please tell me how you like the new posting method, where I put little subheadings. Thanks:))

OH!- For those wondering the Give Away Prize goes to Britts. Check out her webpage: www.australiangirlfan.com.

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