July 18, 2010

Good evening...

Good Evening Everyone,

Show and Tell Wednesday:
Not much is happening here. I am planning on doing a Show and Tell (Week 31) tomorrow. I don't know what photo I will use ( I haven't been very good at planning lately), but I will find one and post it!!

Also- I should be able to do a Weekends Show it All on my other webpage this weekend:) I am so excited. I have a photo story of Heather, Mia and Rachel "at camp". I have to add my "www.agpixplace.net" onto the photos and then post them, but that is about all. Infact- it is kind of lengthy so I may do the whole story over 2 or 3 Weekends Show it Alls, but we'll see!

New Posting Format:
Do you like the new posting format? No one has left a comment so I don't really know if you like it more than the old posting format or not. Please leave a comment and let me know:)

Don't forget about my Give Away(<-- link)! It ends on July 23rd, 2010 so enter today! So far we have 7 entries, so if you enter there is a pretty good chance it will be you. The prize is a "Sports Package" that I put together. One girl asked if you had to pay. I replied on the comments, but Britt... you DON'T have to pay if you win. I pay the shipping costs. I will try to have monthly Give Aways. I already have one for August:)

Ok... I think this pretty much closes our post.

Have a good night,
~ Lily

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