December 28, 2010

One Survey Response... :)

Hi all,

I would like to report that I have 1 Survey responder. Thank you. I don't know who posted it (but that is the way it should be), but Thank you person!!! :) I didn't notice this when I made it, but could you please only pick 1 answer for the questions? I would like to decide what to spend the most time doing... :) Here is the link for the survey: It is only 3 questions.

Survey Responder: don't feel bad, it isn't your fault you didn't know, it was mine, but if you would like to go retake it, you may. If it will not let you, contact me and I will fix it so you can.


PS: I don't know how the colors will show. When I type this, I see it against white, not purple... Please forgive me if it doesn't work well, I just tried the lightest of each colour. :)

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