December 12, 2010

Photos of: Snow, J.J., and my short hair :)

Hi Everyone,
Here are the photos I promised with a little extra below....
1st snow (that stuck)... Dec. 4th... Like I said not much

2nd real snow (that stuck) Dec. 12th
J.J- an early Christmas present

my new hair cut. How do you like it?
I really love J.J just not her hair. American Girl has now made the dolls' hair so that is easier for younger kids (atleast J.J's). The back is really thin, and there is almost know hair back there. I will try to make a video this winter with my video camera.
I will have to reload the software though. When our computer had the virus, they reuploaded the software (first formatted it), and my camera editing software isn't on the computer yet...
Enjoy your winter... :) I can't believe this is the last week of school.

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American Girl Doll Hairstyles said...

I love your new hair cut! I can't wait till it starts snowing over here.