January 22, 2010

Haiti Earthquke

Today in school we were talking about the Earthquake in Haiti. I think it is very sad that so many people died and are injured because of the Earthquake. Haiti is a very poor country with very little and now has no money to build new homes etc.

In Life Skills our teacher told us that 17 % of the U.S is below poverty level. Unfortunately 50% of the WORLD is BELOW poverty level. Our teacher also told us about a few websites that help not just the Haiti victms but also poor countires like Haiti is.

If you go to www.freerice.com every question you get right you donate 10 grains of rice to Haiti. You can change subjects by hitting "change subjects".

Another site www.freepoverty.com you can donate cups of water depending on how close you are. You can donate 10 cups if you "nailed it". Or less. If you miss a lot it is Ok because you are still helping others around us who aren't as fortunate.

If you would like to help Haiti I am sure you can donate to the Haiti funds or the American Red Cross.

I know this doesn't have to do with AG but I think it is all important that we realize that we are lucky for living in a country that hasn't just had an earthquake as big as Haiti. I hear it had an aftershock (another earthquake) that was a 6.1. That is a pretty big earthquake especially for an afterschok.

I thought we should all be awared about these easty game sites that donate that I learned about from school.

Have a good day,

PS: Please look for a new video coming soon!! AND: All photos for the photo slide show entry must be in by February 15th, 2010!!


Hal said...

I LOVE Free Rice! In fact, it is one of the links that I have attached to my blog. There was this thing on TV last night that was a fund raiser for the Haiti earthquake, and all these stars were singing. I think that it is wonderful that they helped like that.

Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi Hal,

I agree. (-: I am glad that you like Free Rice and I hope that other people will take a look at it!! (: How much rice did you donate? Just curious(:

I hope to get a video up soon but I didn't do my HW like I should have yesterday so the videos may have to wait depending on how long it takes me to do my Homework (: