January 27, 2010

Show and Tell Wed. Week 11

Hi Guys,
So here is the actual photo for S&TW Week 11:-) Remember I said earlier today I wasn't sure when it would get posted... I was at my dad's office using his new computer- he hasn't transferred it to his desk so right now I get to because nothing "valuable" is on it!! Pretty soon though I will get his old computer:)
Ok- so this week I didn't actually plan anything because last weeks was planned for today but then I didn't have anything for last week so.... (LONG STORY!!) :-)
So this week I am going to show you a photo of "Kit Builds a snow man!" This photo is actually tricked because my mom decided to take this photo but unlike most of the photos of my dolls in the snow. She put Kit on my old step stool that my cat now sleeps on and then turned off the flash and took the photo.

The photo looks like it was taken out in the snow but if you notice you don't see the bottom of Kit because of the step stool!!- Pretty tricky huh??

Ok- enough talking time for the photo. Enjoy,
PS: Please send me ideas for S&TW. Whether it be more "out takes" (accidents) or new ideas. Please email them to agpixplace@gmail.com. Also please send me ideas for photos (photo story ideas etc.) THANK:-)

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