January 13, 2010

Show and Tell Wed Week 9

Hi Girls!
Last week I realized I didn't say I would post something again about CHANCE! So I will show you how I made the doll's cakes. Ok so I used round styrofoam "cake patties". I don't know their real name but that is what I call them. So here is a photo and I am sure you can get them at Wal Mart or if you can't you can probably get them somewhere like Hobby Lobby etc. I actually made some flat cakes and my mom made the fancy one you saw last week. So here is the photo- these are the 3 I made. I just colored them but.... you know that is ok.:

PS- I am extending the photo share up until February 1st. Please don't forget to send your entries to me at lpictures100@gmail.com. You can have up to 5.

Have a good day,


Claire said...

I think that instead of getting Elisabeth you should get Lanie. Do you have Chrissa, Mia, Nicki, Jess, Marisol, Kailey, or Linsay?
I have Chrissa, Ruthie, and Kit. My blog is


Lily- Blog Author said...

HI(: I don't really like Lanie and so... YEAH!-LOL(-B Also I do have all of the above except for Kailey and Lindsey but my cousin has Lindsey so...!!! (-:

Have a good Day Claire,

PS- Thanks for telling me your opinion(-: I will be sure to check out your site(-: