January 31, 2010

The Movies, A New Episode...

Hi! So my friend Caitlin and I went to the movie "Tooth Fairy". After that we went ice skating. Well while I was gone with Caitlin- American Girl Doll Talk updated their site with a new episode. This episode is available on their site and it is also available on iTunes.

I will update again on Show and Tell Wednesday :) I still NEED!- your ideas for future photos and Show and Tell Wednesdays. I try to plan S&TW at least 1 week ahead (preferably 2) :-) Please email ideas to agpixplace@gmail.com.

I am also doing a photo share until Feb. 15. Please email PHOTOS only (captions are optional) to lpictures100@gmail.com. I try to keep my suggestions/ comments etc. and photos separate:)

I have nothing else to say but... I am sorry I didn't get the videos up today but maybe I will get them up tonight or this week. I will TRY to upload them tonight and then work on them maybe a little today and over the week:-)

:) Lily

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