January 27, 2010

S&TW- Delayed?

Hi:) I still am planning on doing Show and Tell Wednesday. I am at a computer (at the moment) that doesn't contain my photos. I will be at the regular computer by tonight though and should have photos up:-) Hopefully I will have the photos up tonight but if for some reason they may not get up until very late (8-8:30 tonight!).

Planning: If you would like to see photos of "out takes" or something among that nature please let me know by emailing me at agpixplace@gmail.com. Also you may send ideas to that email as well whether it be for photos or for S&TW. In the Subject please put "Ideas!" . I try to plan S&TW about 2 weeks in advance.

There probably will be a time when I don't put up a S&TW. I probably just forgot because I am pretty busy but I will try to get one up every week!!

But in order to do this I need inspiration. :-)

Got to go,

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